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Disclaimer: I don't own Transformers or any of the characters. Nor do I own the TV series of Transformers or Transformers: Prime or anything related to Transformers. The only thing I do own is a this laptop and Xbox 360 and some games and movies.

Title: Tradition

Theme: M/F

Category: Transformers G1 series

Characters: Elita One, Chromia, Arcee, Moonracer, Firestar, Optimus Prime, Ironhide, Ratchet Jazz, Prowl and ect.


"Why I'm wearing this again?" asked tall femme looking over the strange clothing she had been force to wear for the celebration later tonight. Trying to close the high front slit of this 'costume' her mate had gotten for her only for it just it to slip back to the original way.

"It's tradition, Elita. During the night of October thirty first, humans of all age would wear costumes to mimic the evil spirits or appease them till the morning of November first. This tradition began during ancient Celtic times which…" rumble her mate who was wearing a he had called a medieval knight costume with sword rather than his red, blue and white armor.

"I understand that, Optimus. What I'm asking is must I wear this? Could I not wear something not so….revealing?" asked Elita missing her rosy pink and soft white armor she had been wearing since before the war on Cybertron.

Optimus let his royal blue optics roam over her figure before giving a small shrug, "I suppose you could something different…"

Elita sighed that was good news, "Then I'll…"

"But you could offend the humans by doing so."

Elita groan silently at Optimus words as her own blue topaz took in the costume once again. She didn't hate humans nor their odd customs and traditions which at time she found fun especially the one know as April Fool's day even when Prowl band the holiday from the Ark it was still one of many holidays she found herself taking a liking too but what she did hate was tight fitting and shape revealing dress.

Yet if they wanted to stay on the humans good side and keep the peace between them and the rest of humanity. They would need to swallow a bit of their pride to keep their small allies happy. One last glance over the costume before turning to look at her mate.

"I'll right. I wear the stupid thing. Really, when you told me about this holiday I was looking forward to it." Elita said giving one last tug at the front slit.

"It is just for the night. Plus, Chromia and the others will also be wearing similar costumes." Optimus said coming to her side now letting his arms wrap around her.

A pleasurable sigh escaped her pink lips as she lean back against her chest plate now making a metal note to get Optimus back to their shared quarter for some private time. Reluctantly the two leader part from one other yet they kept their servos intertwine with one other as they left their quarter and out into bright orange hallway.

As they made their way down the hallway a frustrated cry grabbed Elita attention turning her helm right just to see both Ironhide, Chromia and Firestar just down the hall. Ironhide having an arm around Chromia who wore a brown faux suede triangle top with halter ties, matching faux suede booty shorts with a sheriff's badge, chaps with fringe trim and belt buckle and lace up detail with matching cowgirl hat.

Ironhide wearing a matching sheriff costume with cowboy hat, under white shirt with brown vest pinned on it was a sheriff's badge and long sleeve jack with gun holster, brown pants. A red scarf was tied around his neck as the spurs on his boots jingled as he walk by his soft blue mate side.

Next to the couple was Firestar wearing an army green crop top with an attached keyhole back shrug, hook and eye back closure with high waist mini skirt with attached apron and matching head piece with red glove and stockings. Though at the moment Firestar was tugging at the back of her mini skirt letting out again frustrated cry.

"This is ridiculous! I can't believe Ratchet convince me to wear this stupid thing!" Firestar said to Ironhide and Chromia.

"Ah, now it's not so bad, Star. I think the costume sensual on you." Said Chromia giving the younger femme a comforting smile even as Firestar tug the skirt again.

"Easy for you to say. You won't have this skirt riding up on you all night or make First Aid pass out just from bending over." Firestar said getting Chromia and Ironhide to laugh.

"Now Star you can't blame Aid for that. Poor mech never saw that part of a femme before couldn't help but get excited." Ironhide said humorously remembering how he had enter the med bay with Mia at his side to pick Firestar up only to lay his optics on First Aid pass out on the floor as Ratchet shook his helm mumbling under his breath Firestar face flush with energon.

"No, I suppose I can't." Firestar said giving one last fruitless effort tug on the mini skirt just for her soft baby blue optics to spy Optimus and Elita, "Optimus, Elita."

Optimus give the rescue and search a friendly wave as the three of them walk over to where he and Elita stood. Elita gave Firestar a sympathetic smile as she pointed to the front slit of her own costume which Firestar replay by a nod. Chromia naturally found no problem with her costume and was enjoying the looks her gruff mate was sending her with promises.

"Were are Arcee, Moonracer, Greenlight and Lancer?" asked Elita seeing a few of her group were missing.

"Already in the rec room, Commander. Chromia and Ironhide came by the med bay to give me a bit of… encouragement. Seeing how…" Firestar pointed to her outfit.

Elita nodded, "Understood. And Lancer, please we are here on shore leave so just call me Elita."

"Ah, yes, Commander….I mean…Elita." Firestar said only to once again start tugging at her skirt.

"Well then what are we waiting for let's go join the party!" Ironhide said jubilantly.

"Hide is right let's just kick back and have some fun tonight." Chromia said ready to hit the rec room and start having some good old fashion fun with her mate.

"What about Ratchet? Shouldn't he be here?" Optimus asked wondering where their head CMO could be.

"He'll join us soon. Ratchet just wanted to make sure nothing serious happen to Aid when I bend over." Firestar said feeling her cheeks grown hot.

"How did that happen?" Elita asked as their group started to head towards the rec. room were tonight celebration was being held.

"When I came out to show Ratchet how this look. He end up dropping his pen and without thinking I bend over to pick it up. Unfortunately First Aid came in at the same time and…" Firestar said then gave a shrug as if to say 'the rest was history.'

"That make sense though I don't get why Ratchet would have you wear…uh what are you wearing?" Elita asked trying to place the costume.

"It's a nurse's costume and since I help from time to time in med bay, Ratchet thought it would be great for me to dress up as world war II nurse. I thought well okay that sounds nice but when he show me this." Firestar started to explain her costume to her commander and how she and Ratchet argued for a good three hours about it.

"Same here. I wanted to wear N7 armor but Optimus told me it was traditional for human females to where these costumes this time of the year." Elita said waving a servo over her dress.

"You know, I wanted to ask Carly about the costume traditions and why human females wear them. But for the pass whole week I couldn't reach her for some reason or other." Firestar said missing the way Optimus optics look away or how Ironhide brought up his servo to his mouth in attempt to muffle his cackle or Chromia sly smile.

"I had the same problem too." Elita said just to be distracted once they reach the door to the rec. room.

It open for them allowing them to enter a very loud and eventful room that had been converted from its normal bright orange into a dark and gloomy room full with fake spider webs, bats, holographic ghosts flying around with Jack-o learners of many faces scattered about the room. Their glowing optics giving off some light mixing with constant changing neon lights.

"Elita, Mia, Star!" cried a young voice gaining the three older femmes attention as a younger one came running up to them as Optimus and Ironhide excuse themselves from them to speak with Prowl and Jazz who were at table.

"Moonie, what are you wearing?!" Elita asked at seeing the once light green femme skidded to a halt in front of them.

"Do you like it? Wheeljack thought I should wear this Catholic school girl uniform." Moonracer said pointing out her open long sleeve dress shirt with black tie and short checkered skirt with a deep blue jacket, "Oddly enough, Perceptor was very happy to see me wear it."

"I'm really starting to hate this holiday and it idiotic tradition." Firestar growled out watching as Moonracer skip off over to Perceptor who seated some tables down watching Moonracer like a hawk.

"Just bear with a little longer, Star." Elita said encouragingly send a warning glare to the red, black and white scientists.

"Look there, there Arcee, Greenlight and Lancer." Chromia said spotting the three remain femmes of their group off to the far corner huddling together.

Walking towards the remainder of the group, Elita and Firestar tried to ignore the expressions sent their way as Chromia give them smiles and waves. As they came closer to Arcee, Greenlight and Lancer both Elita and Firestar optics brow rose at seeing the three femme costumes.

"Don't say anything!" Arcee said once their commander, SIC and rescue femme came to their side.

"I wasn't before but now…" Chromia started to say but Elita shot her a warning look.

"Might I ask what you guys are supposed to be?" Firestar said taking hold of the conversation.

Arcee and Lancer sighed in frustration as Greenlight answered, "We are supposed to be Arabian dancers."

"Arabian dancers." Elita repeated taking in how all three were wearing the same costumes with headband, a veil across their faces tight halter tops and see-through pantaloons even wore dancing bells on their peds and servos. The only difference between them was Arcee wore a pink one, Greenlight a green, Lancer a purple and orange one.

Elita brought up a servos to her helm temple rubbing small circle as she felt a processor ache coming on. 'Keep it together. This is just like any other mission now. We just have kept pressing through this till the end.' Though Elita bring her servos down looking at five femmes before giving them a small reassuring smile.

"Aw, come on now. It isn't so bad, I for one am joining wearing my costume." Chromia said favorably.

"Ironhide is too from the looks he keeps sending you." Lancer said using her helm to direct Chromia attention back to her mate.

"It not only just him, Optimus hasn't stop staring at Elita before coming here." Chromia said getting her commander to glance over to be Optimus and Ironhide sitting at with Prowl and Jazz.

"That armor he wearing isn't too bad. Make him looks more handsome." Greenlight said softly.

"A knight of the round table from King Author time is what he's supposed to be." Elita said sending a suggestive smile to her mate causing Prowl, Jazz and Ironhide to look at him.

"Expecting you knight in shining armor to come in a sweep you off your peds?" Chromia said teasing Elita.

"Maybe." Elita said turning her helm away shyly getting Arcee, Lancer and Greenlight to laugh softly.

"The night is young, everyone. Let's just enjoy ourselves." Elita said getting ready to head over to Optimus table when her blue topaz optics spotted a familiar face.


"I can't believe this is working." Jazz said watching as the Autobots femmes moved from across one part of the room to the other side taking in the sway of their hips signified by their costumes.

"Me neither. But then again, Mia was all for it." Ironhide said bring up a cube of high grade to his lips now. His deep blue optics watching Chromia hips, waist and legs making a note that he show just how much he appreciated that sheriff costume of hers.

"Chromia I can understand but how on Cybertron did you get the others to agree?" Jazz asked having to tear his attention away to look over at the Matrix bear and Weapon specialists.

Optimus shifted in his seat for a second before speaking, "I simply told them how it was traditional for humans to wear costumes during this time of the year and that…one tradition was for human females to wear attractive attires."

Even with Jazz visor in place Optimus knew his TIC was giving him a preposterous stare at what he just said. Which Optimus did not blame Jazz given this seemed so unlike him but given how Elita and her team had arrive the beginning of the year and plan to spend at least a year on earth with Ark crew before returning to Cybertron.

Optimus having known this came up with a plan to spend as much time with his beloved mate as he possible could. Yet when October starting to come in and the tricks and pranks began to take hold of the Ark. Optimus how found himself wondering just kind of costumes he and Elita should wear for this year when he came across his mate costume.

A N7 armor Elita had order for Halloween to wear for party that would be coming for the month. Feeling slightly disappointed she would not be wearing something more enlightening had comm. Ratchet and Ironhide to discuss how to change this when Ratchet mention the femmes were going on information second hand but if said information came from them and Teletraan one. There was a chance the femmes could wear more enlightening outfits.

Fortunately fate intervene when Ratchet came to their table holding a cube of high grade himself sitting down and taking a long slip before speaking up.

"This night is turning out better than I thought it would." Ratchet said his steel blue optics closing in on Firestar seeing her hips shift as she and the others spoke with a small figure in a long dress grown with brown hair.

"From now." Prowl said finally speaking up having his attention solely on the date pad in his servo.

"What that supposed to mean?" Ironhide asked gruffly leaning towards the SIC of Autobot army.

"Carly is here." Prowl simply stated never taking his optics off the date pad.

"WHAT?!" Optimus, Ratchet and Ironhide yelled immediately searching for the blonde haired human female.

"Wait, wasn't Carly supposed to be visiting family this weekend?" Jazz asked watching the three older mechs stiffen for a moment then slowly began to raise up.

"She was but the family reunion has been postponement till next weekend. Apparently, her relatives have a strong fondness of throwing parties and taking their offspring's out for trick or treating." Prowl said calmly just to pause a moment in his work then.

"Ohhh..." Jazz said his visor flicking for a moment in interest as his helm turn toward the rec. room door seeing Optimus, Ratchet and Ironhide heading straight for it.

"Jazz, when did their time of death occurred?" Prowl asked tipping the tip of his pen against his lip as Jazz spectacle how this had anything to with the here and now.

"OPTIMUS!" 'Ah that how.' Thought Jazz shaking his helm as smile came to his lips answering Prowl.

Just a small short story for Halloween. I tried to hold back but the idea wouldn't leave me along till I had it wrote down. I hope you guys enjoy it!

Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
Theme: M/F, spanking, Attempt Fpreg.

Category: Transformers G1 series

Characters: Elita One, Ultra Magnus, mention of Optimus Prime.


It was the soft sound of pads walking down a empty hallway as rosy pink and soft white armor femme walk down the passage carrying under her arm reports in need to be turn over to Optimus Prime. Blue topaz optics were focus on the elevator before her as she came closer to it while shifting the date pads under her arm for a better hold. As the elevator slowly made it way up to her floor. Her mind began to drift over the past couple of solar cycles as the war between Autobots and Decepticons came to an end.

Galvatron having been defeated by Optimus and Spike in the final battle over the key for the plasma energy chamber all while saving earth sun from going nova by using the giant rocket thruster by reversing the polarity to take in the excess energy from the sun and feeding it directly into Vector Sigma giving life to Cybertron once again.

Naturally after the battle Galvatron and his Decepticons fled from Cybertron heading for the far reaches of the galaxy to escape Autobots enforcers and their human allies during a critical time. There were even no hints or sighting of Decepticons giving Prime and the rest of Autobots hope the war was truly over now.

A ping brought her back into the moment now as the doors open allowing her to walk into the small box. Turning to the interface tapping in her destination when a deep stern voice called out.


Hearing her name being called out she look up from the interface pad just too seen the City Commander running towards her at top speed. His white servo waving frantically to get her attention as his ped stomp down the hallway. His steel blue optics looking straight into her own.

"Wait, hold that elevator!" said a tall and large mech racing towards her and the now closing doors.

Quickly Elita press the ‘Hold doors’ button as Ultra Magnus rush in grunting a bit as the doors press into his blue, red and white frame yet managed to pass through them. He stood there a couple of second as he huffed and recycle air through his systems before turning towards the Femme Commander giving her a polite smile.

"Thanks, Elita. I own you one." Ultra Magnus said drawing himself into his full height now standing at least a head taller than the rosy pink and soft white femme.

"Not a problems, Magnus." Elita said greeting her longtime friend watching him as moved to stand beside her feeling a rush of affection through her spark.

"It’s been some time since I last saw you. How you been?" asked Ultra Magnus turning his helm to her letting his optics glazed over her attractive lean frame.

Elita shrugged trying not to flush as Magnus turn his attention onto her, “Doing well for me the past few solar cycles through mostly my old team and I been helping with the rebuilding of Iacon and Crystal city.”

Ultra Magnus nodded, “So I heard. They say Iacon and Crystal city will be ready to take in more civilians by next year. But Hoist and Grapple say it will take longer to bring Praxus and Tyger Pax.”

Elita nodded, “By Hoist and Grapple estimates it will take a least another three solar cycles before Praxus and Tyger Pax can be ready to house anyone. But hopefully I can cut that down by a year.”

"Hold so?" asked Magnus watching at Elita brought out her reports.

"Since there is not a lot of constructions bots among use Autobots, I been looking towards the neutrals for add help." Elita said handing the reports over to the City Commander a glimmer heat raise at the sudden closeness.

"Really? And they offer to help?" asked Ultra Magnus looking over the list of possible constructions bots.

"Only after I explain to them if we work together as group could we have Cybertron back to the way it once was before the war. After that, it was a matter of seeing who was willing to help." Elita said giving a slight shrug.

"Hmm….some of the bots look promising. This Heavy Load, Hightower and Wedge have had experience in the field before leaving Cybertron." Ultra Magnus said reading up on mechs profile.

Elita nodded, “I was thinking of having them work with…”

It was dim hum in her audios causing Elita to stop speaking for a moment listening to the sound as Ultra Magnus cast analytical optics up to the roof of the elevator when dim hum changed into a loud metallic shrieking as they were suddenly jarred around. Magnus dropping the date pad now as his long arms reach out to Elita pulling her smaller frame closer to his.

There was a other jerked causing them to hit the wall followed by a triggering of lights then a snapping sound as the elevator drop now causing the world around them to flip and jerk around till blackness swallow them whole.


It took Elita sometime before she realized her optics were working and a little longer more time to register she was staring at the ceiling of the elevator. For a moment she lay there unable to process what had just happen as her audios listen to the sound of cable spitting sparks as cables to the lights were still connected allowing her to see . Letting out a groan, the rosy pink and soft white femme slowly rose up as her processer finally caught up on what had transpired earlier.

"Magnus?" Elita called out letting her blue topaz optics search around for the city commander finding him lying on his back and in stasis.

Turning on to her knees she reach out and search over her friend and secret fondness having developed over the solar years of serving together. Once she was sure Ultra Magnus was okay and there was no damage to his frame. She moved back and activated her comm. link seeing if anyone would respond to her call. The crackle of static was her answer forcing her to turn off her comm. link as she now tried to find another way out.

She look towards the hatch overhead and saw it was ajar but could see miniature fireworks going off letting her know if she did use the hatch overhead there was a possible chance of getting a good shock to her systems. It was not something she want to experience anytime soon or ever if she could help it. Turning her attention to the elevator doors she let a smile cross her face to see they had become slightly opened somehow during the accident.

Moving to the doors, Elita place her servos on them using her strength to get the doors to open just a bit more. If she could get out she would be able to find Hoist or Grapple had have them come down to fix the elevator allowing Ultra Magnus out and finding out what had caused the elevator to malfunction in the first place.

When the doors open enough for her to crawl out she push through them letting out a startled gasp when she fell down face first into the floor. Apparently the elevator hadn’t crash all the way down only have to come to a halt just a couple of feet past a floor on the Iacon base. Muttering under breath, Elita using her servos push herself up ready to move when a loud groaning shriek caused her to stop.

Looking back she waited a moment to see if the elevator was about to descend once again just to have the sound repeat itself as the elevator doors closed around her waist then sandwiching her between them.

"Oh, no, no, no, this can not be happing!” Elita growled out placing her servos on the doors trying to wiggle her way out and when that did not work. She tried to pry open the doors just to find them as her legs kick about.

After the fifth try to free herself and with no results Elita let her face fall to the floor as her right fist banged the ground in frustration now. With no comm. link to call others for help and with the doors keeping her in place, she had no choice but to wait for either someone to come by and see her in this position or for Ultra Magnus to wake up. It seemed like joors had pass when a low groan heard giving Elita hope Magnus was now waking up.

"Magnus! Oh, thank Primus you’re awake!" Elita called out trying to look over her shoulder only to find it a bit difficult.

"Elita? W…what happen?" asked Magnus his voice floating out from between the doors.

"The elevator crush. You were unconscious at first and that had me scared for a bit. Luckily, you’re okay so I been looking for a way out. The hatch is open but it had loose cables which are still active. Didn’t want to risk being shock and sent into a system shutdown…"

"So you tried the doors instead? Only for you to be caught between them it seems." Magnus said finishing off her sentence.

"Yes! Now, if you open the doors…"

"I can’t do that."

Elita helm jerk up, “What do you mean you can’t do that?!”

"Elita, if I try to force the doors apart I could disable the safety measures causing them to shut completely and that would be very unfortunate for you and me." Magnus said trying to reassure by giving her a rub on her back which was a little closer to her aft then she cared to hope or admit.

"Great, oh wait try your comm. link! I tried to use mine earlier but I’ll got was static." Elita said moving her legs as she tried to get into a better position not that it really help.

Her face grew hot as Magnus servo seemed to move to her aft now just have Magnus draw her attention away from that face.

"It not working either. The crush must have damage our . Just give me a klik. I think I can get the doors to open by using the panel that should keep the safety measures in place."

"Alright then do it, it not like I’m going away any time soon." Elita said letting her protoform relax as she lean back trying to keep her process off the fact Magnus servo was still on her aft.

Perhaps Ultra Magnus hadn’t notice just were his servo was since his focus was on the panel not her aft. Which had two things happen to her, one she was grateful Magnus hadn’t notice since it would raise questions on why she didn’t say anything which would lead to the awkward conversation of her almost telling her longtime friend she no longer wanted friendship from him but something more.

The second one was she was slight disappointed that such an intimate touch between them had to come from such an awkward solution. Once pass, Ultra Magnus and herself would go back friends and possible never speak of such an intimate whether it was on purpose or not coming between them.

An alarmed gasp come from her pink lips when said servo began to roam lovingly on her aft. Slowly moving up then down from right to left then again up and down a repeating the motions a few more times.

"Magnus?" Elita called out angling herself to try and once again see what was happing behind her.

"Yes?" Magnus answered back sounding very much like his normal self.

"Are you almost done? I would like to get out sometime this millennia." Elita said her voice raising a bit when Magnus servo gave her aft a nice squeeze then.

"Hmm, it’s not working. It looks as if we have to wait for someone to come find us." Magnus voice said so casually Elita won’t think at this moment the tips of his servos was tracing over her valve cover.

"Magnus!" yelled Elita as jolt of heat shot through her protoform as Magnus fingertip began to rub a particular spot on her valve cover.

"Is something wrong? The doors aren’t squeezing you are they?" Magnus asked as his other servo join it partner by rubbing and clutching.

"It not them! It you!" Elita gasp out feeling her face heat up as her servos turn into fists now.

"Oh? But I’m not doing anything."

"The pit you’re not!"

Biting her lip, she tried to kept her protoform from shaking as the amount of pleasurable heat and shocks coursing through her as her valve slowly became wet as arousal which had been suppressed for millennia’s was awaking all from a signal touch. Her legs shaking as she feebly tried to kick the tri-color mech away just to let an alarmed yelp when a particular servo slap her aft.

"Did you just spank me?!" Elita shouted out feeling her valve clinch around itself as her excitement rose up a couple of notches getting her wetter than before.

"Did I? Was something like this?" Magnus replied his voice sounding a bit deeper before spanking her aft once again.

Yelping again at the sudden smack against her aft feeling her arousal reaching new heights she had not experience before in previous relationships. The sudden current of pure desire Elita let her face press to the floor as her heated breath fog the floor as small moans and whimpers escaped her full pink lips now. Her valve squeezing and clutching randomly as rush of lubricant drenched her valve cover now.

"Magnus! You….have….to…to stop. You can’t…I can’t…" Elita slur out trying to keep her arousal and desire in check even as a thin line of oral fluid dribbled down the corner of her mouth.

"Can’t what, Elita?" Magnus said his voice deeper and husker sending a shiver down Elita back.

Her complaint was put to hold when Magnus manually removed her valve cover exposing her wet and excited rims with her throbbing sensor node letting the cool air touch her heated valve now. She could feel her valve rim parted by Magnus fingers just before feeling his hot breath on such an intimate and sensitive part making her valve quiver.

"Ahnn!" Elita gasped harshly as Magnus dipped his glossa into her tasting the lubricant as it leak from her valve and into her thighs even as .

Magnus stared licking and lapping her valve bobbing slightly as his glossa enter her. Swirling it around and around then changing tempo by tracing her outer rims sides purposely not touching her now hypersensitive sensor node. Elita whimper and cry as familiar sensations began to build within her. Her valve getting tight as a tingle sensitivity spread outward causing her whole protoform to tremble and twitching of her legs.

His glossa was taken away and replace by a single digit testing her readiness letting a heated groan as her valve trap around his finger.

"So tight." Magnus said breathlessly moving his finger in and out slowly at first watching as a new flood of lubricant came out. Drenching his single finger before adding another causing Elita to cry loudly at being stretched then a third. Enjoying the wet sounds existence as three of his fingers thrusted in and out.

"Oh, Magnus, oh, please…" Elita sob out feeling how close she was to an overload yet Magnus was denying her release.

"You’re so tight, Elita. Your valve is practically trying to trapping my fingers back there. I’m going to enjoy filling you up." Magnus said practically sounding primal to her audios receptors.

Elita shook her helm even if Ultra Magnus didn’t see it, “No, this….agrh…has to….oh….stop…”

"Why? Why do we have to stop? You care about me don’t you?" Magnus asked letting the thumb of his servo trace barely over her sensor node.

Elita breath hitch, “When did you….how could you…”

"I didn’t see it at first, so busy with keeping earth and Autobot city safe all while having to fight off Decepticons. Helping Hot Rod once he become Prime just for Optimus to come back and take over. It was only after the hate plague did I realize how much you cared about me." Ultra Magnus said pressing his thumb against the sensor node now circling it around.

Elita optics flicker off as the pleasure wash over her now almost content to be completely submissive for once. To let Magnus take control of the situation and simply enjoy it and pit whatever consequences came out of it. Moaning loudly as the stimulations started to build up again.

"I…always…care about you…you are my friend but….over time…my….feelings grew and I….couldn’t….stop it…." Elita babbled out as her fists dragged against the floor as her protoform arch.

"Who says you should? You want this don’t you?" asked Ultra Magnus as both servos cup her aft now stroking and caressing it.

"Yes, I do but…Optimus…" Elita tried to say gritting her dentals in anticipation when the head of Magnus press against her opening.

"Your relationship with him end millennia ago." Magnus said rolling his hips now watching as hard spike rubbed up and down Elita valve letting her lubricant cover his spike now.

"I know! I just…Magnus!" Elita screamed out as Magnus angled his spike to enter her now feeing her tight valve stretch to her limit as her entire body went stiff as a rod her peds curling against the elevator floor with a thumping noise telling Magnus her torso was now slumping against the floor.

"Elita." Magnus moan out his optics rolling into the back of his helm at the feel of his femme enclosing around his spike as hot lubricants walled around him. Enjoying the sight letting it entrance him as Elita valve clamp down on his fat hard spike as plunged in deeper into her warm wet depths.

Now deep inside her Magnus stayed that way for a moment then gritted his dentals as he fought down the urge to overload right away. Elita whimper and sob long and loud shifting and lifting herself up to glaze at Ultra Magnus catching the look in his optics of pure want and desire.

Elita swore Magnus was smiling as he squeezed her aft once more as hips moved away from her letting his spike ridges roll against sensor nodes within. Earning himself a frantic mew as she tried to move back on to his spike.

"Tell me you want it." Magnus said plunging his whole length into her, "Tell me, you want to be with me."

Elita sob, “I want it! Please, Magnus, I want to be with you!”

Magnus let a low animalistic growl before pulling out bracing one hand onto the elevator doors while the other grip her hips as he moved within her. Loving the feel of her slick channel more now grip around his hard throbbing meal. Elita trembled before Magnus slammed back into her making sob and knee.

His optics shuttered beginning a strong peace rocking up and down with each glide of his femme valve over his spike. The length of his spike buried itself again and again hearing Elita pant heavy as he could thrust into her bringing her closer to blissful end. Her hot lubricant slipping out with each thrust pooling out smearing over their thighs and elevator floor.

Her panting become even heavier as her optics had turn a deep shade of blue, her face laid against floor a small pool of oral fluid as Magnus continued his thrusting. Each thrust stroke every node inside her valve coupling with the sensation of being utter filled, fingers tightening their hold on her as rumbling groans and senseless words meant her audios.

Elita shrieked suddenly as Magnus angled himself to go in deeper as his spike rammed against the opening of reproductive chamber. A spark of fear mix in at the notion of what their actions could cause particularly since she hadn’t update reproductive seal in millennia’s time. War and the end of a relationship had put that certain aspect onto the back burner of things she need to be done but didn’t do.

"Uhhhh, wait Magnus! Don’t overload…ahhh!" Elita tried to say just for Magnus to thrust in harder, faster into her.

"I…can’t hold….mmmgg….back…" Magnus gasped out feeling the rhythmic ripples around his spike telling him how close she was to an overload.

Elita shook her helm fiercely, “Please, unnn, Magnus if you….oh….overload inside me….ahahhh…I could….I could….”

"Have my sparkling? Gah, that….wouldn’t….ngh….bad now…would it?" Magnus moan out his spike now ramming itself against her reproductive chamber sending small yet pleasurable shocks readying it for his transfluid.

A baleful smile came to Ultra Magnus face as he watch the highly erotic sight before him as his optics lock onto the point where their two bodies meet as clear lubricant slip out. Enjoying the sounds and cries of Elita made as they closer and closer to the edge.

Elita cried out at the feeling of pure bliss as it took hold of her now, her valve rippled and clenched around the still thrusting spike letting her lubricant trickle further down her tighten channel as her reproductive chamber expanded awaiting the flood transfluid. It was not disappointed as hot heavy transfluid flooded in making her cry out triggering a second overload then.

Ultra Magnus roar out as he overload into his femme now, jets of transfluid spattering across her chamber as he bucked up and held still fully intended spill as much transfluid into Elita valve and chamber as possible. Heat and energy were singing through his protoform pulsing through his body groaning out Elita name till his overload finished.

They stayed like that for some time neither one of them moving as both of rested from such a pleasurable activity. At less till Magnus spoke.



"Do you remember earlier how I said the panel wasn’t working properly?"

"Yes, oh Primus don’t tell me it working now!"

"Er…no….but the camera inside the elevator is."

Elita swore and swore loudly she did.
Elevator Trap
Disclaimer: I don't own Transformers or any of the characters. Nor do I own the TV series of Transformers or Transformers: Prime or anything related to Transformers. The only thing I do own is a this laptop and Xbox 360 and some games and movies.
Together we served by Jovianwolfgirl
Together we served
Commission done by Snigom for me during Animefest 2014. He a very talented artist that I often seeking out during Animefest. This commission is of one of the many favorite pairings I have among transformers. Ultra Magnus/Elita One which come after Optimus/Elita.


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