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Disclaimer: I don't own Transformers or any of the characters. Nor do I own the TV series of Transformers or Transformers: Prime or anything related to Transformers. The only thing I do own is a this laptop and Xbox 360 and some games and movies.

Title: Magic Touch Part I

Theme: M/F,

Category: Transformers G1, AU, Humanoids, Supernatural

Characters: Elita One, Optimus Prime, Ultra Magnus and ect.

Rate: M

The scent of freshly brewed coffee hung in the air mixing with the scent of sweet pastries as crowds of bodies moved about the shop. A bell ringed as a figure open the shop door stepping into coffee shop taking a moment to pause in her walk, allowing her blue topaz eyes to scan the shop. Seeing that the person she was to meet wasn't here yet she stride over to the counter.

"Hello, ma'am. How can I help you?" asked the sale associate wearing a headset with a microphone taking in the red short hair beauty. Who look to be around five six in height with an athletic build judging from the muscle physique on her arms and legs.

"Just a hazel coffee with a blueberry muffin, please." Said red hair woman bringing up a hand to push back a strain of red hair back behind her ear.

"Coming right up. Your name ma'am?" asked the cashier ringing up her order.

"Elita." She said reaching into her purse pocket handing over the right amount of money to young man.

Once done she moved over to a small booth with a window giving her a clear view of people ordering their coffee and such from the drive-through. She place down her coffee and blueberry muffin before sitting down. She only took about two bites from her muffin and a slip of hazelnut coffee before the bell ringed again. Her eyes glance up to see two male figures enter the shop.

One was a young man with short light brown hair cut comb back with steel blue eyes searching the shop. He had wide broad shoulders with long powerful arms with wide hips matching legs. From his frame type Elita figure him to have some type of military training and had possible done a few missions given unbreakable look in his eyes.

Behind him was an older man with even shorter fade brown hair who wasn't as broad as his male friend before him but still held just as much muscle. His old hard blue eyes look about the coffee shop to even as smoke coming from his cigar rose up and skewed his view. Clearly this older gentleman had gone through the same training as his younger partner as he quickly spotted her giving some kind of signal to his comrade.

Those steel blue eyes turn to her as he leaned over speaking older man who took his cigar snuffing it out before any of the workers could say anything. Both walk over to her booth now movements made with precision control. Once seated both men look at her letting their eyes roam over her body judging if she real held up to her reputation.

"Elita one, I presume?" asked the older male placing his cigar down on the table.

"I am. And you are Kup, right? Who is your friend here?" asked Elita turning her eyes onto an expected companion, "I was under the oppression I would be speaking only to you."

"Ultra Magnus is here simply to insure nothing funny is pulled." Kup said giving a mean to Elita that Ultra Magnus had been train to resist against her gift.

Elita smiled assuredly, "I see. Well if this isn't a sign of trust I don't know what is."

Ultra Magnus steel blue eyes narrowed at her words, "It cannot be help your kind has been known to be a bit untrustworthy."

"Funny how everyone doesn't trust us but yet when people find themselves in magic trouble who do they come to? Oh, yes, that right, us." Elita said coolly giving Magnus a meaningful smile. Ultra Magnus snarl at her but never got a chance to say anything.

"Enough, Ultra Magnus! The reason why we contacted you is because we were told you could help us. Can you or can you not?!" Kup growled out sending a scowl to his younger partner before turning his old eyes onto the red hair woman.

Elita sighed moving her hands away from the warm cup crossing them over her chest, "That depends. What exactly is it that you need me to do?"

"As you know we are lycanthrope or as most people like to call us, werewolves. Meaning we live in a pack led by an alpha." Kup said explaining a bit.

"But things haven't been going so well for your pack, right?" Elita asked her blue topaz eyes looking over them.

"That right. Just some years ago our former Beta Megatron caused a rift in the pack which then required our Alpha Optimus to exile him which cause some of Megatron followers to leave the pack." Kup said picking up his cigar rolling it between his fingers.

"So? How does something like this need someone like me to come in?" Elita asked getting the sense they were not telling her everything.

"It's because if the problem we have on our hands isn't solved the lands which our pack lives on will be hand over to Megatron legally." Ultra Magnus said gravely giving Elita a grim look.

"But you just said Megatron was exiled. Then how can former pack member gain control over your lands?" Elita asked but was met with silence, "Looks if you want my help. You're going to have to tell me the real reason you want my help. If not, I'm out of here."

When they didn't answer Elita let out a small huff making a move to gather her coffee and muffin turning her body around to slide out of the booth. When a large hand took hold of her arm stopping her from leaving. Blue topaz eyes glance over the table to see solemn look on both Kup and Ultra Magnus faces.

"I don't know if you two know this. But there are certain laws I cannot violate. If what you want me to do requires me to break one of the laws, then my answer is no." Elita said giving them a chance to once again explain what they needed.

"Kid, I been around a long time and I had past dealings with your kind before becoming quite knowledgeable about your laws. I can safely say what requires does not break any of them." Kup said placing the cigar in his mouth.

"Then what is it?" Elita asked her voice strong as steel showing she wasn't going to agree to their terms yet.

Ultra Magnus glance over to Kup who gaze back, "The land is owned by Optimus family which in their will and by tradition is passed down from parent to child. Unfortunately, Megatron is Optimus younger brother which means the land will pass to him if Optimus doesn't have a child to pass it on too."

Elita settle back down into the booth, "Don't tell me he's having problems getting his little Optimus up and ready for action. For if that the case then you can just go…"

"No! That's not the problem trust me if it was this thing with would have been settled long ago." Ultra Magnus said with Kup nodding in agreement.

"Then what? Surely there must be femmes in your pack who would be will to mate with him and bear his pup." Elita said bringing up her cup for a slip though she got a feeling it was more.

"Again that's not the problem." Ultra Magnus said hopelessly.

"Then what is?" Elita asked brushing back a strand of red hair.

Kup let out a long deep sigh, "It Optimus. He won't mate with anyone unless…it his mate."

Elita eyes widen at Kup words taking in his words and how serious the solution is. 'Well this explains why they wanted to hire someone like me.' Thought Elita brining up a hand to her for head rubbing her finger tips against her temple.

"Which is why you want to hire me right? You believe I have a magical solution to your problem." Elita said while mentally groaning.

"Don't you? You must dabbled in the kinds of difficulties." Ultra Magnus asked believing Elita had a solution to this problem.

"No, I don't." Elita said placing her cup down readying herself to leave now.

"But you're a mage!" Ultra Magnus bellowed out getting a reaction from Elita now. Her hand shooting out and slapping itself against his mouth as blue topaz eyes glared hazardously at him.

"Want to shout that a bit louder next time? I'm not sure everyone heard you." Elita hissed out. Her eyes side glancing to the people within the shop. Once assured no know had heard him she slowly withdraw her hand, Kup give harsh nudge into Ultra Magnus side for his shout.

"Look, kid. Can't you do something? Maybe find some way to help our Alpha? We can't let Megatron get a hold of those lands." Kup asked urgently as he and his pack were facing a very dire difficult time.

"You're not going to let this go easily are you?" Elita asked seeing the determined looks in both werewolves eyes telling her they would keeping asking till she did something.

"Not a chance." Kup said giving her a crafty grin once she realized this was a problem she wouldn't be getting out of easily.

Elita let out a low growl, "If you think you can force me into this. You have another thing coming."

Both Kup and Ultra Magnus let the hair on their neck and arms rise up as the air around them be charge with pure energy as Elita gather the energy around her letting them feel her power. The feel of her power forced Ultra Magnus and Kup back against their seats coming to realize why they had wanted to hire her in the first place. Enough power to force them back yet discipline enough to keep that feel of power in just one spot.

A ring alerted the employees of a other customer arrival making them great he or she was a practiced smile. But this new arrival ignored the practice welcome as his royal blue eyes look about the shop finding the people he was searching for. He stride over to the booth with purpose when he took in how neither Kup nor Ultra Magnus had felt his present. Which was odd given how good their senses are.

Yet as he neared the booth the hair on his neck and arms rose up as a jolt surged through his body getting him to stall in his walk. His eyes locking onto the red hair woman glaring at a senior member of his pack and his beta forcing them back from just her willpower alone. Her eyes glowing now with fury and determination in a show she would not submit so easily.

Seeing such emotions coming from such a tiny woman at least in his comparison sent a strange emotion through him. It mix within him like a raging thunderstorm wanting to come out and over take this red hair beauty. With a rumble in his chest he was once again on the move coming to this red head side with a hand reaching out.

At the feel of a warm touch caused Elita to jerk away breaking her concentration and control over the magic energy she had been gathering feeling it leave her body flowing into else were. Turning her head letting her eyes lock with royal blue ones sending upwelling of feelings through her making her gasp a little forgetting all about Kup and Ultra Magnus, the people in the coffee shop and the sounds that surrounded them.

Then it was like a bubble burst letting in all the sound, smell and people back into small world which had captured around her. Scooting back, her mind and emotions shrieked which was a dangerous thing as the table, cups and window began to shake and quiver. A clear sign she was not in control of her gift at this moment and time.

"Excuse me…" Elita said hastily her hands grabbing her stuff as she push pass this stranger that had cause her power to spin out of control.

She stumbled a bit just to lurching away when this stranger reach out trying to help her. It send a other wave of out lash power causing the people around the shop to stop and take notice now. 'I need to get out of here now.' Thought Elita pushing the door open now as she sprinted away from the coffee shop not looking back.
Elevator by Jovianwolfgirl
Commission done by :iconatlas-white: base on my story Elevator Trap of Ultra Magnus and Elita One. My second favorite pairing after Dion and Elita. Hopefully I can get more stories and artwork out. For the more adult pic here is the link for it.…
Title: How Jazz meet Jazzy

For: Beegirl2014

Disclaimer: All characters Jazz, Elita One, Chromia and Bumblebee all belong to Hasbro. Were Jazzy belong rightfully to Beegirl2014.

The halls of Iacon Autobot base were filled with activities as soldiers moved about the halls taking reports or supplies to their superior officers or inventory storage gracefully avoiding two femmes who were moving down the hallway. The one leading had a date pad in her snowy white servo looking over the date of the new recruit who had just recently joined the Autobots ranks who from the looks and optimistic greeting mix with her warm response to them showed her commander she was going to get along well with the crew.

The new Autobot was a young femme named Jazzy who look most like Jazz, the TIC of Autobot army in color and size but had long, dark grey, metallic hair that end behid her back with bangs brush to the right side of her bright aqua visor who was humming a small tone to song that was currently being played on the PA system. They came to a stop allowing the rosy pink armor femme to type in her key code getting the door to swish open. Stepping into the office, Elita waved Jazzy in as she walk over to her own desk.

“First off, since you just join. You will basic training and weapon handling under my SIC Chromia. She will show you the ins and outs till your training finished. Now, it said here you wish join Special Ops.” Elita One said placing the date down on the desk as she moved around to sit.

“Yes, ma’ma!” Jazzy said brightly watching as the older femme give off a soft hum noise.

“Well, that will be a bit difficult but from what I seen from the tests. I’m sure you make into Special Ops in no time. Now, take this and follow the directions to docking bay where Chromia is waiting for you. But before you leave, do you have any questions?” Elita One asked hand over a new date pad to the black and white femme.

“Ah, well…not at the moment.” Jazzy said taking the date pad looking over it.

Elita nodded, “If you do have one later on don’t be afraid to ask me, Chromia or anyone else. I get the feeling many bots were will be happy to help you.”

Jazzy smiled, “Thanks, I’ll be sure to remember. Oh, but there is one thing. The broadcasting you have going. This is a usual activity?”

“Yes, Blaster likes play a couple of popular Iacon songs and few from other places.” Elita said, “It helps lift the spirts around here.”

“Is it a regular occurrence?” Jazzy asked hoping so. She would love to play some of her famous songs for them along with possible DJ from a party or two.  

Elita nodded, “It is. So long as Blaster plays at least a couple of classical songs. Best way to avoid Prowl ire.”

“Who Prowl?” Jazzy asked giving the till of the helm.

Elita give a small laugh, “Just wait an hour or two the twin terrors should pull their latest prank by then.”

“They sound fun.” Jazzy said

“They can be at times. But if you like to join the broadcast just stop by the communication center and speak with Blaster. I’m sure he would be happy to have you join him and his cassettes.” Elita said giving Jazzy direction to the communication center.

“Thanks, I’ll be sure to stop by there later.” Jazzy said giving Elita a small good bye as she now head off to docking bay were Chromia was waiting for her.

It didn’t take long to find the docking bay thanks to the guiding direction on the date pad were she found a southern blue femme talking to a bright yellow mini bot who was pushing a small crate who just happen to see the long metallic hair femme enter the docking bay. Giving a friendly wave to her alerted the blue femme to her arrival.

“Hi, I’m Jazzy. I was told to meet Chromia here?” Jazzy asked getting the blue femme to smile at her.

“I’m Chromia, it nice to meet you. This young mech here is Bumblebee. Elita told me I will be training you the next few weeks.” Chromia said extending out a servo to greet Jazzy.

Bumblebee extended his servo out quickly to Jazzy with a slight flush face, “Hi,I’m Beebumble….no, I’m Bumble…no…bee! No, wait…it’s ah, Bumblebee. I’m Bumblebee.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Bumblebee. Is there anything I can do?” Jazzy asked giving a smile to Bee as her optics looking at the recent supplies that had just arrived.

“Yes, see those smaller creates over there.” Chromia said pointing to even smaller boxes that had been place to the side.

“Yeah,” Jazzy said nodding.

“Could you take them to storage room A23?” Chromia asked

“Sure, no problem.”

“Thanks, just go two quarters down then right then left and you’ll come to storage room A23.”

Jazzy turn to the creates with Bumblebee coming over to help her stacking three of them on top of one other handing them over to black and white femme. Giving the yellow mech a thankful smile Jazzy turn walking out of the docking area following the directions Chromia had given her.

Unbeknownst to her in storage room A23 a certain yellow gold orange cyber cat was taking a nap on top of crates. Aduio ears twitching from time to time to sounds of passing bots yet never waking from his deep stasis nap.

The door to storage room A23 open as Jazzy enter the room then not seeing the cyber cat cassette as her own crates were blocking her sight. Giving a small grunt she leaned a little to the side to do a quick scan of the room finding an empty spot where she could put her crates down. Not seeing or noticing right across the empty spot Steeljaw was napping away. As she started to place the crates down the bottom slip out of her servo causing her to shout out as she quickly tried to catch the bottom crate.

A loud crashing noise had Steeljaw jerking his head up blinking his optics a few time as they tried to adjust as a slim feminine figure let out a stream of curse words as the crates scattered at her peds. Tilting his head Steeljaw let out question growl watching as the femme became stiff and rigid. Turning her helm slowly Jazzy could feel her spark beating faster as a other curious growl filled the room.

Outside the storage room Jazz bobbed his helm to the music playing in his audio ears when a black and white frame crash into him. Servos and peds scrapping at his armor as said bot tried to climb on top of him wrapping their arm around his helm now causing him stumble a bit.

“Don’t let it get me!” shouted Jazzy clinging to Jazz.

“Whoa there, sweet bot. Calm down and tell Jazz what going on.” Jazz said realizing this femme was scared out of her armor reaching into his sub space from his gun in the chance of danger.

“There inside the storage room!” Jazzy shouted pointing to the room she had just ran out of.

“What is it?” asked Jazz walking slowly and carefully to the room Jazzy had point out seeing she was still clinging to him.

“One of Cybertron most vicious and dangerous creature to ever exist!”

“A Decepticon?!”

Jazzy shook her helm, “Worse than a decepticon.”

Jazz become quit at this his thoughts running as he tried to figure out what on Cybertron could be more dangerous than a decepticon. His question was answered when the door to the storage room open as Steeljaw came out yawning.

“Steeljaw?” Jazz said just as Jazzy screamed again.

“It going to kill us!” Jazzy shouted jumping off Jazz landing on both of her peds then rushing across the hallway pressing her back against the wall.

“Wait, this what scared you? Ah, Steeljaw here wouldn’t hurt a cyber-fly.” Jazz said reaching down and giving a scratch behind his ear laughing.

Jazzy frowned at the laughter as her spark wince in stinging pain turning her optics away from him. Jazz once done with Steeljaw turn around to properly greet her only to stop and take in her body language. His time in special ops had taught him many skills one of them being able to read a other bot body language.

“Hey, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt…” Jazz started to say when Jazzy give him a small smile.

“It’s fine.” Jazzy said giving him a false smile, “Just a sparkling hood fear I carried. Silly I know, but I should probably get back to docking bay. Chromia is waiting for me.”

“New here?” Jazz asked trying to keep the awkward conversation going.

“Yes, I’m Jazzy.” Jazzy said giving him a friendly wave.

“Well isn’t this a coincidence, my designation is Jazz.” Jazz said reaching a servo out his spark skipping a beat when the visor wearing femme took his servo, “Come on, I’ll walk you back to the docking bay.”

This time seeing the sympathy and reject his actions had cause Jazzy give him a real smile, “Thanks, appreciate it.”

Putting his gun away Jazz offer his arm to her now which she took letting him press against her own frame now taking in now how it fit perfectly with his own. It was odd to him as such a thing had never happen before yet as he and Jazzy walk on talking, moving in synch it was almost as if they were just one. Back at the docking bay Jazz ask her if she would like to join him later in the rec. room for a cube of energon. Wanting to keep talking and spending time with this visor mech Jazzy agreed. With a smile and squeeze of the servo Jazz head off to his office just to do a side quest to find out more about this newly femme named Jazzy.
When it came time to take a lunch break Jazzy followed Bumblebee to the rec. room were Jazz said he would be waiting for her. She spotted him in the far back holding a table and two cubes. Standing on the tips of her peds Jazzy waved her servo getting Jazz attention. Her spark flutter once again when the visor mech smile at her returning her action. Crossing the she sat right next to Jazz who pass her a cube.

"I wasn't sure how you like to take your energon, so I got aluminum and copper mix." Jazz said as aluminum and copper mix was a common mix for energon.

"Thanks." Jazzy said taking the cube and opening it.

She took a slip letting the aluminum and copper spread over her glossa before swallowing. Letting a soft sigh as her frame relax from a long hard day of work but it was worth it.

"How has your day gone?" Jazz asked moving a bit closer.

"A little confusing and exhausting but everyone been helpfully to me, well, expect this one red mini bot named Cliffer or was it Jumpercliff?" Jazzy said through not really caring after such a rude welcome from the red bot.

Jazz shook his helm bring a servo up and wrapping it around one of hers, "Don't mind, Cliff. He all bark and no bite. Eh, most of the time."

Jazzy laugh turning her servo so her fingers inclosed around Jazz's, "No harm done. Bee told me he like that with every newcomer."

"If you like I can talk to him." Jazz offer never moving his servo away.

"I'm a big girl, Jazz. If he keeps giving me trouble, I'll just team up with the twin terrors." Jazzy said with a smile.

"Ha, now that make Cliffjumper run for the hills then!" Jazz said laugh at the thought.

The rest of the evening Jazz and Jazzy spent the rest of the time talking and laugh about their follow Autobots and their personalities. Never once moving their servos away from one other as they continued to talk enjoying one other company.    
How Jazz meet Jazzy
Yeah my first REAL commission for Beegirl2014. I hope she like it and enjoy the little story I thought up for her character.


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This site piss me off some times. The pictures I had were taken off for apparent violation against the policies. Which clearly they were not as I had edit them and sent you them the links for you guys to you find the uncensored version. I will be really uploading them and ignoring the policy because clearly if I can look at naked women on here there and that not be considered a violation I do not know what will be. Sorry, so mad and upset with the site I didn't spell things write the first time.

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